Reliable systems, adaptable features

Carleton Technologies Inc. (CTI) was established in 1971, and in 1986 entered the Canadian campus retail sector with the Bookware3000 Bookstore Management Solution for college and university bookstores.

Bookware contains all the functionality required for campus bookstore management: course planning, requisitioning, purchasing, receiving, returns, special orders, kits, promotions, inventory management and counting, sponsored students, accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, point of sale reconciliation, and external accounting exports/interfaces.

As a complete system for bookstore management, Bookware also includes touch-screen POS and integrated web and e-commerce applications.

Through its campus retail business, CTI has extensive experience working with public sector retail, and its systems have been built to meet the high level of audit for both finance and technical security required by the public sector.

Evolution in Campus Retail

Originally developed as a bookstore management system, Bookware has evolved over time to provide management functionality for the diverse areas of campus retail, including the bookstore, print services, computer store, clothing store, one-card office, food services, events, and parking services.

Each new area of functionality has been added to the system in response to customer needs and as such the system has developed over time to encompass much more than just the bookstore, but always in reference to the needs of the Canadian campus retail industry.

The Bookware system has been developed and refined over decades of use in Canadian retail sector. CTI has continually adopted new technologies to meet the needs of the changing retail market. CTI has a long history of providing collaborative solutions to each our customers' unique challenges and brings a wealth of retail experience when working with public sector retail to provide solutions.

FastLane Retail Management Solution

The bookstore software was expanded to meet the needs of general retail in 2010 and this branch of the software was rebranded as FastLane Retail Management Solution.

The FastLane Retail Management Solution is built on the robust system which CTI had developed for campus retail. Much of the software is substantially the same, but the FastLane system is customized to suit the needs of general retail. FastLane is used to provide management functionality for diverse areas of retail, including general merchandise, grocery, computers, clothing, food services, events services, print services, and parking.